Two heroes, down. Closed eyes. The end is near...
Two heroes, down. Closed eyes. The end is near...

"Well, Graham is dead and if we brought him back, everyone would say that we are messing with continuity, so we don’t want to do that. What’s interesting is that the love of Emma’s life last year was Henry. This year, we actually met the one person she’s fallen in love with. Hook is obviously eye-candy. I don’t know if she would stare at him and think that he would be a great father for Henry, but he might be fun in Vegas. So, what’s interesting about Emma is that, now that she’s found her family and the shock of, “They’re the same age as me,” has worn off, they’re starting to become a family and they’re starting settle down. A lot of the anger and walls that she has put up throughout her life are going to be able to maybe be able to be broken, but not as quickly as you’d like. There’s still healing to do, and that includes her heart. So, it’s a matter of who wins it."

Eddy Kitsis (x)

…and I will win it.

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Rakuzan High School Basketball Team, Shooting Guard, Mibuchi Reo

Yukine | 雪音

Waah, It’s been so long since the last time I opened my Tumblr…

the first and last times we see captain swan make eye contact in season two



Jason Isaacs on being Lucius Malfoy

“Annoyingly handsome”


That’s an excellent phrase: “annoyingly handsome”

We understand that feel, bro



TCR | 2013.06.20

Joss, you big tease.